Kids Piano Lessons

All Lessons Are Offered In-Person

My name is Kimmy and I offer fun piano lessons that students love! My set up allows students to learn piano stress-free.

When we think about traditional lessons we think about repeating the same song week after week – BORING! So many times I hear parents say they took lessons as a child but quit after a few years. Students quit playing the piano because lessons just aren’t fun, not because they don’t like the piano. I give students the tools to practice on their own and allow them to work at their own pace from one song to 10+ songs each week. Letting students go at their own pace turns the piano from a source of tension to a creative tool for students to use and enjoy.

Students can learn how to play songs they know with as little as 5 minutes of practice each day. I teach them HOW to practice, not just tell them to do it. Students go home with the knowledge to practice their songs and learn new ones on their own. In addition to the Alfred Premiere Piano Course, students learn Disney, Movie Hits, Pop songs, and may more familiar songs. If there is a song a child wants to play, I will find the music at their level and help them play it. Kids want to learn music they know and it motivates them to practice on their own!

Many of my students come to their lessons with new endings that they’ve written for their songs and original songs that they show me and continue to work on. They build confidence by playing in our quarterly concerts and many of them choose to play songs for their classmates in school.

Parents enjoy listening to their children play songs for their grandparents and other family members each week. Parents also love the convenience of dropping their son/daughter at their lesson and going grocery shopping in the Lawrence Park Shopping Center. Scheduling is simple and flexible – I allow unlimited rescheduled lessons so you never feel like you are wasting your money or time.

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Beginner Piano

  • Students use worksheets, iPad games, and flashcards to reinforce what they are learning in their books
  • Kids are reading songs they know within a few short months
  • Casual musical experience that allows students to learn to play the piano stress free!
  • Easy and flexible scheduling so you never feel like you are wasting your time or money
  • Students can go at their own pace!


  • Once students reach a certain level of proficiency, I invite them to join my advanced program
  • Rigorous curriculum requiring a higher level of commitment from both student and parent/guardian
  • Unique performance opportunities that include quarterly master classes and concerts!

“Our younger daughter started piano lessons with Kimmy about a year and half ago and we are absolutely thrilled with how quickly she has progressed! Plus she loves seeing Kimmy every week, so much so that she convinced our older daughter to restart piano lessons this past fall. Kimmy is not only an excellent pianist but she’s a great teacher and mentor for our daughters. Whether it’s in person or through a virtual lesson, we love hearing the girls play and can’t wait to hear how far they’ll go with Kimmy as their teacher!”

Joslyn D., parent

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